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can’t wait another day..

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It’s hard to grasp that I have a full term baby in my belly. Though when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, it’s a little easier to believe. I have spent the past 37 weeks day dreaming, preparing, growing, and waiting for our little guy to come join us earth side. And now here we are, in the final count down, waiting for our full grown baby to decide to come out. It could be tonight, right on his due date, or even a few weeks after if he is a fashionable late kind of dude. I’m thinking sometime during the first week of March would be nice, but I know it is not up to me.

For me, pregnancy has felt very intimate. I want to bottle up all the details, Del’s little movements, the pounds gained, our growing marriage, the physical discomforts, and our excitements and keep them in a box, only to be shared with Zack. I have a feeling this last bit, where I am somehow simultaneously wanting him to stay in my belly awhile longer and also to come out right this second, is only going to feel more so that way.


32 weeks looks like this..

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Only slightly bigger. Photo taken roughly one week ago (31 weeks) when Zack and I woke up to sweet little baby movements. I think the little guy is officially too big for any large kicks or the summersaults I used to feel earlier in my pregnancy.

Me (thankfully) still sleeping through the night 90% of the time.

Calling him by name, Del Eugene Coleman, every chance I can.

Craving nothing. Not one pregnancy related food craving over here. I’m starting to think that is one symptom I missed out on completely.

Lots of aches and pains. Especially at the end of the day when my brain isn’t quite ready for bed, but my body has been since 6:00 pm.

Reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and absolutely loving it. It is an empowering book, to say the least.

Lots of baths/showers, even more extra strength tums and feeling the occasional tiny baby hiccups.

Hoping i’ll have another dream about Del every night as I fall asleep like the one where I could shine a flash light into my tummy and take a look at his beautiful face and full head of hair or one like Zack had where Del made it safely into the world.


things i’ve been loving lately..


Morning cuddles with this guy in bed, even if it makes it impossible to wake up in the morning.

Shopping and prepping and last minute organizing for thanksgiving – we are hosting for the first time and CAN NOT WAIT.

The turkey deep fryer waiting to be used.

My winter coat, even if I had to pull it out of the closet extra early this year.

The list of “to-do’s” before the end of the semester that is getting shorter and shorter and shorter.

Eating coconut milk mint chocolate chip ice cream in bed while watching Friends with Zack almost every night these days.