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6 months of exclusive breastfeeding.

It would be impossible for me to write, talk, or share in any fashion about my journey in motherhood without mentioning nursing. For me thus far, the two are so intertwined that at times I can barely make a distinction between them. We nurse when Del is hungry, full, happy, sad, wants to play, and when he wants to relax. We nurse to sleep and then again when he wakes up. We nurse during the day and the night as well.

I always knew I wanted to breastfeed Del. I tried to learn as much as possible while I was pregnant, but came across mostly conflicting information. My knowledge didn’t extend any farther than it’s healthier for the baby (but formula isn’t unhealthy), makes you lose weight (or gain weight), you just put a boob in a baby’s mouth (but it’s not that simple), and some women simply can’t do it. Confusing, eh?

And then Del was born. He breastfed for the first time in the delivery room and it was magical.. magical and beautiful and not natural, but kind of natural, too? It was hard and easy. It made me fall asleep and it kept me up. I began to realize why there is a whole bunch of conflicting information out there – a breastfeeding relationship between a baby and mother is constantly changing and cannot be defined. An evolving journey. All good – even the bad parts (i’m looking at you mastitis).

If I was better with words, I would write down more about how the journey has gone thus far, but i’m not sure how to explain the bad without sounding like i’m complaining or the good without it coming across judgmental towards those whose path is/was different than mine. I worry that I would simplify something very complicated. So i’ll just close with this..

sleeping-bear-2015 (12 of 19) sleeping-bear-2015 (13 of 19)

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celebrating two years!

2-years (1 of 1)2-years (11 of 16)

Yesterday, August 28, 2015, we celebrated two years of marriage.

I can’t believe how quickly the past two years have gone by and simultaneously, I feel like we have been going through life hand in hand together forever. Time is weird like that. I feel incredibly fortunate for the years we have spent together already and the promise of all the years to come. I’m thankful for everything we have learned about marriage, communication, and parenting and everything the future will teach us. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better companion, best friend, and teammate for life. Thank you for completing me, Zack, and for showing me that soulmates and fate is real.

We spent the evening going back to the same spot where we said ‘I do’. It was incredibly special to tell Del about the significance of the park and reminisce on our wedding day. We drank our favorite bottle of wine, ate a bunch of wonderful food, walked around, talked, blew bubbles for Del, and relaxed. It was the perfect way to celebrate our love.

2-years (2 of 16) 2-years (5 of 16) 2-years (10 of 16) 2-years (4 of 16) 2-years (1 of 16) 2-years (3 of 16) 2-years (7 of 16) 2-years (6 of 16) 2-years (14 of 16) 2-years (9 of 16) 2-years (8 of 16) 2-years (13 of 16) 2-years (16 of 16) 2-years (15 of 16)“Yours is the light by which my spirit is born: you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”

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teething-pain (1 of 1)

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Motherhood is not always rainbows and butterflies – sometimes it’s teething. And it sucks, every second of it. When my head kind of hurts from Del screaming, and my eyes are feeling heavy because it’s the 12th time he woke me up in one night, and my boobs really want a break, the one thing that really puts my attitude into perspective is that it could be worse. I could be the one teething. So I hold him closer, rock him longer, and beg the universe to let me take his pain away. The happy moments still are more than outnumbering the painful ones, but when someone you love so much is hurting so bad, it’s impossible not to make the biggest deal possible out of it.

He doesn’t let me get a very good look into his mouth, but from what I can tell there are at least 5 teeth on their way in – nothing through the gums yet and I swear somedays the teeth are less through the gums than the day before. A quick google search made me feel like I wasn’t completely loosing my mind and it is definitely possible. I want to add that it also is definitely not fair.

I am positive the only real remedy to this is time, but he sure does look cute in his amber necklace.