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An ode to the baggy black tee


My search for the perfect baggy tee has been a long one, normally ending up with something that looks like I borrowed my husbands shirt, which is anything but the put together yet laid back look I am trying to achieve with my wardrobe. I look for two things when I am hunting for tees: fit and fabric. I want my tees soft to the touch, baggy, and my color of choice is almost always black. A tee that fits my criteria is perfect for layering, dressing up with jeans or dressing down with leggings. In my eyes, the options are endless. I can’t say enough great things about these baggy black tees! In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

1/ No. 61 by SkarGorn ultra baggy + thick cotton- if I only had one baggy black tee in my closet, this would be it. I highly suggest sizing down if you order one though!
2/ Daily Practice Tee by Lululemon sheer burnout fabric, great for layering to + from yoga
3/ Ryan Tee by Everlane perfect baggy, yet flattering tee and you must feel the soft rayon. Another tee you may want to size down for, especially if you are in-between sizes.
4/ Linen Timeoff Tee by Madewell linen is my fabric of choice during the hot summer months and madewell is my go-to to find all things linen! I’m sure this will be a staple of mine come August.

If I missed your favorite baggy tee, please do share with me!


You’re pretty cool, horses!

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Our friend and his family are vacationing in Malta (jealous!) and we staying in their big farm house on the outskirts of Ann Arbor taking care of three beautiful horses, two dogs (and Diesel makes three!), and one cat. We like it here. Before Zack heads to work in the morning and I head to school or to a coffee shop to tackle homework, Zack walks out to the barn to feed the horses and water the garden, while I watch from inside as I whip up french pressed coffee, scrambled eggs, and sausages. Though I took horseback riding lessons when I was a child, I have never imagined myself as a horse owner, but this week may have me converted. I love watching them gallup in the field and walking back to give them dinner right when I get home at night instead of rushing inside. Though there’s always things to do, life feels slower living in the big farm house. It’s a good pace and i’m into it. And I think the horses are pretty darn cool. I sort of hope there will be a couple horses to call our own in the future. Maybe a couple of chickens too, and definitely a huge garden.

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Record Store Day 2014!

record-store-day-2 record-store-day-1 record-store-day-3 record-store-day-4

We rode our bikes up to our favorite record store in Ann Arbor, Wazoo Records, on Saturday to celebrate the holiday. I love a good excuse to walk into a record store and stay for awhile, so RSD is my kind of day. I especially love how the second you walk in, you suddenly feel like you are stepping out of a time travel machine and into 1980. I imagine all the good (and bad!) records that have been bought, brought home, over played, loved, and then hopefully, passed on to others. I haven’t been able to get into antique shopping and I own zero pieces of “vintage” clothing, but vinyls, now that’s something I can totally get behind.


A hang pan video!

Just popping in to share this little hang pan clip I took of Zack practicing the other evening. The light was shinning into our living room just right and Diesel was acting extra cute/curious of the camera. One of these days, i’ll figure out how to record better audio on my camera and then i’ll be able to share the beauty that is the hang pan because the audio quality here doesn’t do it justice. We really really love this instrument and feel lucky to have one in our family!


Some thoughts on labels + friendship

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detroit (3 of 7) photos from my afternoon with lyndzii at astro coffee.

One of the many things i’ve been working on these days is letting go of the labels i’ve wrongfully put on myself. They aren’t wrong because they aren’t true, the are wrong because they shouldn’t be there. Am I making sense? Life isn’t black and white, it’s a million shades of all different colors. When we label ourselves, it suffocates our ability to evolve and fills our minds with limitations. As I get older, this is making more and more sense to me, but it’s hard to let go of the labels when society is constantly sticking them on us.

Today, society tells me i’m an introvert living in a world where those who succeed are more often than not extroverts. Good ol’ labels. They hold you down, tell you aren’t good enough, and cause self doubt.

Before “introvert” became a buzz word, the label I was given was “shy”. I believed it; it hindered me from making friends. I told myself that nobody wants to be friends with someone who is quiet, so I put little effort into putting myself out there. When people tried to reach out to me, I just figured they wouldn’t like me so I didn’t put any effort back. In my mind, I was okay with this and I figured this would always be.

Since then, a handful of really awesome people have come into my life and shown me that it doesn’t matter what i’ve been labeled- they love me for me, whoever I may be. They let me be silly when I feel like it and quiet when I need to be. They don’t get mad when when it takes me hours to text back and they are just as excited to see me, as I am to see them. This has been the best part of “growing up”..finding my people.

Last week, Lyndzii and I went to Detroit to do some exploring eating and it was when I got home, that I really started thinking about how lucky I am to have her in my life. Friends who let you be yourself, to grow, and to evolve are keepers. I want to be that type of friend.

I think the world would be a better place if we all worked on being that kind of friend and we stopped labeling people.