Love Court xoxo

on the cusp of toddlerhood

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I can feel it. Any day now the little dude is get up and walk. Walk right into toddlerhood and out of babyhood.

The transitional phases are hard because he knows exactly what he wants to do, but he can’t quite connect his brain and his body. It’s a little heartbreaking watching him grow up, but mostly just frustrating for everyone involved. These days are taking me right back to the weeks before he started crawling. I encouraged, encouraged, clapped, encouraged, smiled, encouraged, encouraged. He cried, and tried, tried, and cried, and then when I thought he might never figure it out, he did. And we celebrated together. I’ll never forget the smile on his face when he figured it out. It was weeks before he was getting into everything and going every place, but he was mobile! It’s like deja vu these days helping the little dude learn to walk.

A few more notes on Del as an almost-but-not-yet toddler..

  • loves to wave hi and bye
  • when I ask him “who do you love?” he responds with “mom” (yes, my heart melts every single time)
  • could open and close cabinet doors all day long
  • gives the best kisses and high fives
  • gets beyond excited when he spots a park with swings – it’s so cute, we always have to stop
  • wants Zack to take him outside first thing in the morning to let out Diesel
  • says mom, dad, hi, and yeah
  • has very adult-esque tastebuds (salmon and asparagus are favorites!) and gets “hangry”
  • hates sleeping
  • prefers to ride in the stroller over a baby carrier



on my mind lately..

Mom-ing is one big lesson in prioritizing and constantly teaching me that I can do it all, just not right now.

If the house is a mess, I am busy playing with Del (alternatively – he isn’t napping).

If my kitchen sink is free of dishes, we ate subpar, delivery hamburgers last night.

If I got a workout in, I gave up time I could have been spending with Zack and Del.

If I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days, I’ve been too busy reading children’s books.

Yin and yang. Give and take. I could go on, but I bet you get the point.