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Never forget.

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Every year around this time I find myself wondering why thoughts about leaving Michigan have ever been on my mind. I have super cheesy thoughts like, “Why, it’s the most magical place on earth!” or “Michigan is America’s best kept secret!”. But nope this year, not after this past winter.



electric forest 2014!

electric-forest-9 electric-forest-12 electric-forest-11 electric-forest-17 electric-forest-13 electric-forest-14 electric-forest-6 electric-forest-10 electric-forest-8 electric-forest-4 electric-forest-5 electric-forest-7 electric-forest-16 electric-forest-1 electric-forest-2 electric-forest-3 electric-forest-15

I’m tempted to say this year at Electric Forest was the best year yet. Third time is a charm right? We danced all night, drank margaritas, ate tacos, hung out with some of our best friends, swam in lake Michigan, and listened to two of our favorite bands (plus many, many more). I feel so grateful anytime I get to listen to live music, but listening to live music with messages about spreading love underneath a Michigan summertime sunset takes the cake. Always.

I wish I was back at Electric Forest right this second.

Ps. Did you see our Zen frog? How cool is he! He got (creatively ;) named him Kermit a few festivals back and now travels with our group to every one we go to as our mascot. Love him.


Some things I wonder about.

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I wonder if i’ll ever be one of those people who knows what they want for dinner.

I wonder if i’ll get to read this book before heading back to school in September.

I wonder if i’ll ever lose or break my trusty sunglasses. (I hope not)

I wonder how i’m ever going to cut back on my caffeine intake (it’s getting a little out of hand ;) when there is a 1 lb of my favorite beans sitting on the counter, begging to be brewed into the perfect cup.

I wonder what it will be like to have a little person call me “mama” one day.

I wonder if the tiny house on the other side of town we are going to look at tonight is “the one”.

I wonder if i’ll ever be able to master that headstand i’m working on in yoga.

I wonder if the expired Polaroid film in my fridge will turn out amazing or not at all when I finally use it.

I wonder why the sky is blue and not pink. (Had to)

This post is inspired by this song which I first heard while watching this documentary. Listen to the song first and then right when you get a free moment, watch the documentary. Both are so so good- promise. And if you are feeling up to it, tell me what you wonder about in the comments..

And that photo! I took it the last time I was in Detroit. I thought it would be good to dig it up out of my external because the documentary I mentioned was partly filmed in Detroit. Fitting right?


a spectacle of explosive fire flowers!

fireworks-on-the-lake (12 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (1 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (2 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (7 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (3 of 17) on-the-boat fireworks-on-the-lake (13 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (10 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (9 of 17) barge-on-fire fireworks-on-the-lake (8 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (14 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (11 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (6 of 17) fireworks-on-the-lake (17 of 17)

Have you heard of this term “fire flowers”? I randomly looked up fireworks in the thesaurus trying to attempt a creative title and that’s what I got. Fire flowers. I kind of like it! What do you think? Too Cheesy? Maybe. I’m leaving it any way.

When our friends invited us out on their boat to watch fireworks Saturday night, our answer was obviously “yes”. Friends? Lake? Night cruise on the boat? Fireworks? You don’t have to ask me twice! I actually grew up on this lake, so it was nice to reminisce about the Forth of July parties my parents hosted and setting up chairs on the island that’s immediately off shore. And just like every year I can remember, the barge used to set the fireworks off of caught on fire. That meant there was no grand finale, but I liked seeing they had been keeping with tradition all these years ;)

You throw one heck of a birthday party, America.


happy 4th of july!!

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I hope your day is filled with fireworks, friends, watermelon, and maybe even some time at the lake.

If you don’t celebrate American holidays, then happy normal Friday to you! I still think you should add those things to your evening agenda, because as of the last time I checked, fireworks, friends, watermelon, and the lake is a perfect recipe for a great summer evening. July 4th or not. ;)