Love Court xoxo

things i’ve been loving lately..


Morning cuddles with this guy in bed, even if it makes it impossible to wake up in the morning.

Shopping and prepping and last minute organizing for thanksgiving – we are hosting for the first time and CAN NOT WAIT.

The turkey deep fryer waiting to be used.

My winter coat, even if I had to pull it out of the closet extra early this year.

The list of “to-do’s” before the end of the semester that is getting shorter and shorter and shorter.

Eating coconut milk mint chocolate chip ice cream in bed while watching Friends with Zack almost every night these days.


we said our goodbyes to summer.

imageOver the weekend, we attended Phases of the Moon music festival with a handful of friends. In my eyes, the festival was going to be our one last summer hurrah. There would be music, friends, and staying up way past our bed times. Good summertime times. And minus the nine hour wait to enter the festival grounds after a five hour drive there, there really was nothing but good times.

Though it wasn’t the “goodbye” to summer that I thought it was going to be, since mother nature decided to let fall out of the bag a little bit early then we all expected. I don’t think a single person in our group packed the right clothing for 40 degree temperatures at night and plenty of rain. Shorts and tank tops do not do a very good job at keeping you warm in that kind of weather. We soaked up the afternoon that the sun came out while sitting in chairs out on the lawn watching gov’t mule and drinking fresh squeezed lemonade recognizing that we are going to have to make it through another long winter before we get to have moments like that again. If “bittersweet moment” is ever a perfect description for something, saying goodbye to summer is one.

Summer 2014 treated us well – better than I could have ever expected. We searched and found the perfect home to rent, celebrated one year of marriage, went to the drive-in movie theater, spent time at the lake, attended lots of concerts, drank sangria, and margaritas, too. I saw lots of improvement in my yoga practice as I really immersed myself into it. I grew as a person, and together, Zack and I grew as a couple. I also feel like I should mention the sheer amount of tacos we ate because we sure did eat a lot of tacos.

Hello, Fall. I feel like you are a few weeks early, but I really love having an excuse to wear a scarf, even if Zack claims it doesn’t match my outfit. Matching is overrated anyway.


back to school wish list


I signed into my school email account yesterday and immediately found a class syllabus and an order to “get the textbook before class starts because we will be diving right in.” I’m sure more of the same type emails will be coming my way any day now. It’s hard to believe as it’s currently sunny and 80 degrees out, that for me, summer is basically over. I’ll be back in school full time a week from Tuesday, and i’m very much in denial. Summer always goes by so fast. And I know this next week is going to go by even faster. These are just a few things on my (very greedy) wish list for back to school..

1 / a phone case I actually like!
2 / a backpack to replace the obnoxious bright pink one I bought in high school.
3 / notebooks way too cute for actually taking notes in.
4 / the sweater coat i’ve been coveting for years now.
5 / a water bottle that doesn’t look like it should be on my bike.


it’s laundry day.


A pair of running shorts that haven’t been on a run in over a year because I prefer these for actual running, a crazy colored tank worn simply for the shelf bra in it, and a long sleeve tee with the words “vail” written on it on top. This is what laundry day looks like for me. Good news is, in a few short weeks, I won’t have to wear my super stylish laundry day outfits out of the house because we have a washer and dryer in our new home. Hooray!