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My biggest goal in life..

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Hello! Late last week Zack and I (and Diesel too!!) found a few days to sneak off to Chicago. It was a trip we had been trying to arrange for the past couple of months and we were beyond excited to spend some time relaxing and eating our way through the city when the time finally came. I’m putting the finishing touches on the rest of the photos today, and hopefully i’ll be able to share them tomorrow! I can’t wait :)

I ended up editing these photos first because they are my absolutely favorite. Not only from the trip, but some of my favorite photos i’ve ever taken of my family. Watching the snow fall, cuddling, and just being together. It doesn’t matter where in this universe we are, that will always be my favorite pass-time. My biggest goal in life is to cuddle all over the world with my family. I know that there will be very few trips we can actually take Diesel on, but at least cuddle all over the world with Zack and our future bebes. And maybe try to squeeze in as many road trips as possible with bear because he makes a pretty darn good travel buddy ;) Doesn’t that sound like the best life ever? I can’t think of anything better.

chicago (20 of 27)..heart melted.

chicago (23 of 27)..his smile gives me butterflies

chicago (24 of 27)..cozied up.

chicago (27 of 27)..sneaking a photo of my boys relaxing.

chicago (21 of 27)..I think this needs to be framed.

I hope you have a good day!


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  1. Puppies are the best! They’re like children that never grow up and will love you to the moon and back with no questions asked. I’ve been wanting to go to Chicago, too! Have a great week Courtney :)

    • Court

      I’m glad i’m not the only person who loves puppies! I always tell Zack I want to have lots and lots of dogs one day. They are sort of my favorite :)

  2. definitely sounds like the best life ever :)

    • Court


  3. That is my goal too! I am so happy you were able to have a getaway with your loves – and you captured it beautifully.

    That first photo! incredible! xo

    • Court

      Thanks, Victoria! We had the best time!

  4. Gosh, these photos are giving me a case of the cozies! Now I just want to rush home from work and snuggle with my husband + cat. Though the latter might be quite opposed. Can’t wait to see your Chicago photos! Have a great Tuesday!

    • Court

      A case of the cozies is a great thing to have in my book!

  5. So cute, cozy days are the best!

    • Court

      Aren’t they?! Definitely my favorite kind of days!

  6. They are sooo beautiful – I’m amazed, you are a good photographer :D

    • Court

      awe- i’m blushing! thanks for the kind words, Kristina!

  7. Beautiful images :)

    • Court

      Thanks, Asia!

  8. These are some pretty amazing photos!

    I love your dog’s name. So cool and the last photo does need to be framed. =)

    P.S. I’ve been visiting your blog ever since I came across it on Pugly Pixel blog a few months ago. I love reading your posts and I thought it was about time I commented. Ha ha.

    • Court

      So glad you did! Happy to have you here, Sana :)