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Looking through the window..

saturday (11 of 12)

In our apartment, we have big windows that look onto the street. I think Diesel does the most people watching out them, but I come in a close second, especially when I sit down to enjoy my morning cup of coffee. Diesel watches for other dogs and squirrels, and maybe even the neighbor’s cat who doesn’t get out much, but when she does, it definitely concerns Bear.

I watch because living on a one-way street is surprisingly entertaining. Who would have guessed it? Our street is wide enough to be two lanes, so I think it fools people. And everybody has a different reaction to turning onto a one way street. There’s the people who panic and end up reversing, the one’s who calmly reverse, there’s the people who I swear don’t even realize, and then there’s the people who floor it to get down the street. I like to think your reaction to going the wrong way says a lot about a person’s personality. I think I am the type of person who would calmly reverse, but who knows, maybe i’m the one who wouldn’t notice.

I also watch because most days the biggest black newfoundland walks down the street and I hope that i’ll peak out at the exact time he is passing by. Or because there’s a girl who can’t walk and text at the same time and I try not to laugh, because at times i’ve been there too where you are typing out something semi important and you just need to stand still while you do it, but it’s silly. Being so connected, at all times, is silly. And to see someone be so concerned with their phone, is a good reminder to me that I need to spend more time away from my phone. And I also watch so I can be a cheerleader to those whose cars got plowed in over the night, which is a daily occurrence for the people who live in my building because we don’t have a driveway. But mostly I watch so I can remember the times that we spent here in this tiny apartment together as a family of three. We love it here, but I know it won’t be our forever home, and our family won’t always just be me, Zack, and Diesel…and I want to remember these moments because these moments are so good.


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  1. When I lived in an apartment I remember doing a ton of people watching too. Now it’s just our old neighbors and us, which I’m okay with :-)

  2. Dear, I love your posts. You are not only an awesome photographer (obviously) but you have a way with words that’s beautiful. Have a lovely weekend! :]

    • Court

      You just made my day, Sarah! Thank you!

  3. Oh yes, I would definitely be the one who calmly reverses. I love people watching outside my window too, but there’s not as much entertainment in my neighborhood ;)

    Have a lovely weekend, Court. Maybe it will get above 30 degrees?!

    • Court

      It finally got about 30!! But now it’s a slushy mess and I think it might freeze tonight! Is it spring yet?! Please say it will be soon….

  4. you phrase it so beautifully, Court :) very well written and beautiful

    • Court

      Thanks, Juni!

  5. I love people watching as well, makes me laugh sometimes!