Love Court xoxo

A look back at a great weekend!


9..on friday, our friend, Jon, who is going through the training to be a pilot, took us with him while he was logging cross country hours. We landed in Ohio for a quick lunch and had so much fun! more on this tomorrow, we took so many pictures! I can’t wait to share :)

8..afternoon light

7..i’ve really been into tea lately. this tea pot was my great grandma’s, so it feels extra special every time I pull it out of the cabinet. my favorite right now is ruby red chai from trader joes. yum, yum, yum!


2..saturday night we went to a bluesky greengrass show! we love our home state bluegrass band.


5..sunday’s are for homework + online classes

6..and some beautiful flowers so we can pretend it’s spring outside, and not extremely cold.

Hello, Monday! I would love to hear how your weekend was too- I hope awesome. Now, let’s all have a good week. Sound like a plan? :)


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  1. I love going in small carrier planes! Last spring, we took a glider ride and it was absolutely beautiful and mildly terrifying because they fly with no engine!

    • Court

      WHAT?!?! No Engine?! Off to google these crazy things….:)

  2. These are great photos! How amazing to be able to hop in a plane to fly somewhere for a mid day meal. It seems like it’s straight out of a dream, can’t wait to read more about it.

  3. What a lovely, lovely weekend, especially the flight! My dad was a pilot and used to fly a little plane around Ohio (of course, I was too young to remember those days…sad). I definitely need to bring some flowers inside to try to ward of this awful Polar Vortex!

    • Court

      Flowers are the key to surviving polar vortexes!

  4. Wow, I’ve never been in a plane that small before! I think I would be pretty terrified. :) How did it feel?

    • Court

      Surprisingly, it wasn’t scary at all!!

  5. Happy Monday Court! Can’t wait to see all the photos from your airplane ride. I bet it was awesome!!

  6. Ohh Court, I saw those plane pics on IG and immediately freaked out – how cool is that?! I can’t wait to learn more about it tomorrow ;) Not only is that tea pot beautiful, it’s so special and sentimental – I love it! Glad you had a wonderful weekend, here’s to an awesome week! xo

  7. I saw those first two photos and thought, OH MY GOD SHE WENT SKYDIVING! Hehe. Looks like a fun ride!

    Also, that teapot is gorgeous.

    • Court

      HA! I WISH! I’m too much of a chicken ;)

  8. What?! An awesome plane ride and lunch in Ohio – incredible!

  9. Wow! What an adventurous weekend you had, looked like it was so much fun. I need to find pilot-training friend!

    • Court

      Yes, yes you do ;)