Love Court xoxo

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  1. So cool! I’ve done this once in my Uncle’s four-seater and I loved it! Glad you guys had so much fun!

    • Court

      Then you know exactly how much fun we had! So cool that your uncle had his own plane. Want to trade Uncle’s? Just kidding :)

  2. whhhaaaatt!? this is the coolest little adventure! even though i have a bad fear of flying, i think i would suck it up to do this how fun! definitely an afternoon for y’all to remember :)

  3. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I used to fly and these are taking me back. Wish I could go back up with my camera :) The kissing picture is farrr too cute xoxo

    • Court

      You should look into it! Your local airport my have someone who can take you up to take pictures! I asked my friend, and it seemed like prices are too expensive and definitely worth it for the airport in Ann Arbor!

  4. Definitely a romantic outing, although for me it would be a little scary. :) You guys are too cute!

  5. Looks like so much fun!

  6. This looks so romantic lol

  7. The pictures are beautiful! What an amazing experience!


  8. This is awesome! I think I’d be a little scared, but it looks like you two had a great time. So cute :)

    • Court

      It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be! I had butterflies in the beginning, but they went away quickly!

  9. Gramma

    I did this once when I was a child and I did not think it was cool. Glad you had fun but it sure looked scary to me. Guess that is what old age does for you. I am not very adventourous like you are. You too look great together.

    • Court

      We went out on a day that wasn’t too windy so it wasn’t that bad. The flight to Chicago that we took awhile back was worse!

  10. Gramma

    You two look so good in that small airplane. It does scare me though. Was in one when I was a child and was scared out of my wits. Glad you had fun

  11. The photos definitely speak for themselves. How awesome!

  12. Incredible photos for an incredible experience! Wow!!

  13. uuuum. this is the coolest thing ever!

  14. ahhh that looks so fun! I’ve never been in a plane like that. how far could he fly you? maybe call him for your next vacation?? haha

    • Court

      We are trying to plan something for the summer actually! He has flown as far as California before! But we were thinking northern Michigan or georgia for a concert. We will see!

  15. so fun! my dad’s a pilot and use to own a little cessna airplane – tiny and cute! we use to go ‘flying’ with him, so i know you had a blast!

    • Court

      Wow! What a cool dad you have!

  16. Wow! Absolutely love the images, Court! What an experience, I can only imagine. :)

  17. This is so crazy-brave of you – I could never do it! However, I can’t say the view doesn’t make it a tempting thought! Oh, and the photos of the pair of you are so adorably-lovely, what a cute couple you very much make :)

    • Court

      It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be! and thanks, tori :) You’re making me blush!

  18. wow!!! That is such a cool adventure!

  19. TJ

    Aw, this is a dream! What a perfect time! Love this :)
    xo TJ